Including: Appealing suspension or

cancellation of driver's Licences, speeding,
dangerous driving, d
rug related offences,
negligence, police pursuits, speed camera
and traffic infringements.


Including: Breach of court orders and AVO's, assaults, break and enter, fraud, theft, drug offences, search warrants, Centrelink offences, bail and proceeds

of crime.


We value our clients and feel privileged that we can represent and assist them throughout the

tough times. Thank you to all our clients and their comments.

MK - Family Law Client

"I'm so grateful to have had Grant & Co 
represent me through my legal journey.

I was awarded a great result and I felt supported the whole way."

AG - Traffic Matter Client

"I thought I had lost my licence for good after a collision. I hired Grant & Co and they assisted me in keeping my licence. Thank you so much!"

GK - Care Matter Client

"I contacted Grant & Co for some legal advice. I was scared and  daunted but talking to them really clarified my rights and entitlements."

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